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Bud's mission is to make the money part of people's lives simpler

Bud's mission is to make the money part of people's lives simpler

What we do
Bud solves real-world customer problems using APIs: bringing unparalleled data enrichment to a suite of connected financial services. Bud connects banks, service providers and data intelligence into one platform for the first time.

The Bud platform enriches data with insights, enabling businesses to connect their customers to financial products more effectively. There are more than 90 service providers integrated into the platform: from investments to insurance; mortgages to currency exchange; and more.

The products we’re building are designed to place the power of personal data back into the hands of normal people, making finances easier to manage for everyone.

Now, the Bud team is dedicated to delivering the company’s original vision: to make money simpler for people so that they have more control over life.

> Winner: The Pioneer Award, British Bank Awards '19
> Winner: Best Newcomer, British Bank Awards '18
> Winner: Innovation of the Year, British Bank Awards '17

Chapter Lead, Backend

DevOps Engineer

Android Developer

Founder @Bud • Excited to bring FinTech to a larger consumer audience • Worked at @Salesforce

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