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Finally wear a bra that fits perfectly and is as comfortable as a second skin



Heidi Zak

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Co-founder ThirdLove, Worked @Google @Aeropostale
ThirdLove Cofounder (NEA, A16Z, Yuri Milner, etc) and active angel investor. Former partner at Sequoia Capital, exGoogler, MIT.


Alessia Vettese

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Consulting Talent Executive at Start with Who. Founding Global Head of Talent from Flexport. Built Customer Success at Zenefits + regulatory at Charles Schwab.

Josh Joo

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Erica Mason

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Data Scientist in Bay Area

Hana Jenks

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Working as a Marketing Analytics; advanced Excel (vlookups, pivot tables, keyboard-only), SQL (joins, temporary tables, etc)

Tara Linehan

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At J.P. Morgan, I translate our company’s value and brand into tangible experiences for current clients and future prospects.

Nivetha Sivaprakasam

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Data Engineer

Shannon McNish

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Katie Freiberg

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Paid acquisition marketer - Worked at One Kings Lane, Thumbtack & Shoptiques

Julia Spencer

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Worked at ThirdLove. Went to San Francisco State University

Rakesh Bobbala

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Worked at ThirdLove

Jeyda Kaynatma

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Marketing Data Analyst

Praneeth Madduri

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Worked at ThirdLove

Carly Thompson

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Board members and advisors

Jon Sakoda

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General Partner at NEA. Entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Co-head of NEA seed fund.

Patrick S. Chung

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Patrick is Managing General Partner of Xfund. He was co-head of NEA’s Consumer and Seed-stage investing practices.

Former team

Natalie Stam

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Gabi Anderson

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Ryan Elizabeth Wolff

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Gilberto De Jesus

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Lisa Dong

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Shanna Sullivan

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