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Admin/HR/Junior Marketing Role

Posted 2 weeks ago

high tech augmented reality startup company seeking experienced admin/hr role. please answer below questions and email careers@thirdeyegen.com Why are you specifically interested in AR smart glasses, augmented reality & specficially ThirdEye? Please answer this in DETAIL as we want people who...


Marketing/Sales Role

Posted 1 week ago

(Princeton NJ Based ONLY) -Augmented Reality smart glasses company seeking people interested in using AR to help the world - email hr@thirdeyegen.com your resume, why you are interested in AR & ThirdEye & your marketing experience & sales experience


technical support role

Posted 1 week ago

(Princeton NJ Based ONLY): Augmented Reality smart glasses tech company seeking technical support employees - email hr@thirdeyegen.com why you are interested in AR and any technical support experience