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Software Engineer

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ThinkNimble is a full-stack product development shop in Washington, DC. We build the technology to make our clients’ great ideas happen. We developed an entrepreneur-friendly product process that quickly turns out quality, well-documented, scalable products.

ThinkNimble is seeking a software engineer to come work with us in our offices in downtown Washington, DC. We want someone who believes that tech can make a difference in the world, and has the skills to make it happen.

We're obsessed with creating enjoyable, memorable, and, above all, highly personalized experiences for our clients and the users of our software. Our software has to be fast, reliable, and beautiful. It has to "just work" across the wide range of personal and professional devices in use today.

Here are few specific things we aspire to:

* Build beautiful UIs that are friendly with all platforms: desktop, tablet, and mobile.
* Maintain a stable backend that's built to scale and thoroughly tested.
* Deliver notifications in real time, including status updates, social activity, recommendations, or reminders.
* Build integrations based on client needs; in the past these have included messaging tools, learning and content management systems, and mapping platforms.

Our clients define our stack. And good programmers are language agnostic. So you don’t need to know how all languages work, but you need to be able to learn how to work in any environment. We’ve worked with the following languages:

* React/React Native and Vue.js
* Python, Django
* Vanilla JS, LESS
* Linux (Ubuntu), Rackspace, Nginx
* PostgreSQL
* Mercurial, Fabric, Gulp, Vagrant, SaltStack
* Whatever you need to do the job


Here are a few of the requirements for the position:

* Experience with Vanilla Javascript and at least one modern Javascript framework.
* Experience with Python, and experience with Django or another framework.
* Experience spinning up various development environments; we use Heroku and AWS, based on project requirements.
* Experience with both SQL and NoSQL technologies and familiarity of how to scale them.
* You are comfortable in many programming languages and use the best one for the job at hand.
* You may not be a designer by trade, but you take pride in functional and practical design.
* You may not be familiar with the tools we use, but you are smart and capable enough to pick them up quickly and start building.

The following are not requirements, but are desirable; if you haven't done these, we want to help you to do them!

* You have worked on a live production system and perhaps built one from scratch.
* You have worked with a distributed and highly available system and perhaps designed and built it yourself or with a team.
* You're familiar with ORMs: their strengths for prototyping and their limits on expression and performance.

Your coding style:

* You know code is read more often than it is written
* You write self-documenting code that expresses intent
* You know that good coding is 90% planning and only about 10% typing
* You design thoughtful and semantic APIs (RESTful or otherwise)
* You're well-versed in OOP, but you know its limits
* You may not be test-driven, but you DO write tests

Professionally, you...

* stay current and consume knowledge voraciously
* boldly embrace new technology
* make technical decisions based on analysis rather than trends
* are aware of your code's direct impact on user experience
* don't wait for or demand "complete" requirements
* take responsibility and jump in where needed, even if it's not your job
* don't care if people call you a programmer, developer, engineer, or wizard

Personally, you...

* accept criticism gracefully
* have boundless curiosity and question everything
* prefer social contracts over hard-and-fast rules
* love solving problems
* think deeply and iterate quickly

You aspire to...

* lead outstanding dev teams
* be a mentor to others
* write The Perfect Program
* have an enjoyable work life
* work for a company that's invested in your growth
* someday start your own company
* learn everything you can


* Top-notch technology equipment
* Health, dental, and vision insurance
* Equitable family leave policy
* Minimum paid vacation policy; you must take at least 4 weeks off annually!
* An energetic team deeply invested in each other's success
* A safe and supportive “no blame” culture where you can make mistakes and learn
* Team celebrations: birthdays, quarterly team adventures, and biannual family gatherings

ThinkNimble at a glance

You have a great idea. We build the technology to make it happen

ThinkNimble focuses on Product Design, Apps, Web Development, and Software Engineering. Their company has offices in Washington DC. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://thinknimble.com

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