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We build & help build marketplaces

We build & help build marketplaces

We're a marketplace specific startup studio that builds & help build marketplaces using low & no code. We're the team that started Studiotime (Airbnb for music studios), Yoroomie App (acquired 2016), and a few other marketplaces. We've also reinvested our profits through our "fund" of 15+ startups.

We specialize in:

Low & no code marketplace builds
Sharetribe customizations
Marketplace optimization & automation (internal for at scale marketplaces)
Marketplace support

If you'd like to work with us, please reach out to us at contact@thinkbox.io.

Sales/Business Development

Building & helping build marketplaces @thinkbox-io (www.thinkbox.io). Previous two startups acquired. Mentor @Founder Institute