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Ever wonder what goes on the long list of chemicals on the back of your shampoo or shaving cream? Did you know they could be hormone disruptors (aka fertility killer)? Join us to bring back the power to consumers by promoting ingredient transparency and disrupt the billion dollars cosmetic industry! We are building an exciting tool for consumers and trust-based marketing platform for independent brands to showcase their ingredients. 
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Software Engineer

Ruby Developer

We’re looking for an experienced rails developer to help build our next generation social mobile platform for clean beauty and personal care products.

All of our developers are full stack and get exposed to all aspects of the business and a myriad of cutting-edge technologies.

Software Engineer

Mobile Developer

Posted 11 months ago

As the Intermediate mobile developer, you will be working closely with our lead developer and clients to bring these new features to our mobile apps.

2+ years of iOS development and strong familiarity with iOS development best practices with Objective-C and SWIFT
2+ years leading mobile app pro...