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AI Powered Software for Rooftop Solar Sales & System Design



Software Engineer at Practo, Google Summer of Code'15

Aswin A

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Co-Founder at The Solar Labs
CEO at The Solar Labs. IIT alum. Solving big problems in Indian solar industry. Love what we do here!
Co-founder at The Solar Labs


Utkarsh Saraogi

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Self taught - Programmer || Game developer -

Sanil Khurana

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Utkarsh Singh Thakur

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Went to Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

Hardik Mehndiratta

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Front-end Engineer at The Solar Labs (Vue, React)

Braj Kishor

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Actively Seeking Full-time Job Opportunities In the Field of Data Science/ Machine Learning. Studies Computer Science & Engineering at IIIT Nagpur
Design focused frontend developer

Raghav Mehta

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Data Scientist

Devang Bacharwar

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Software Engineer at Practo, Google Summer of Code'15

Board members and advisors

Saurabh Mittal

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Telecommunications and Software expert, intersted in Tech startups, helping improve society with Technology, Head of Technology at a Telecom Giant

Former team

Aman Kumar

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Akash Kumar

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Viba Mohan

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Shashank Batra

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Mukul Kumar

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