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We are on a mission to accelerate solar adoption. The soft costs, currently, make up to 40% of the installation cost of any rooftop solar plant. Currently, either solar installers use thumb rule to install panels on a rooftop or spend way too much in doing manually iterations. The roof owner does not know what exactly they are buying as the generation potential estimates vary a lot from real site results. The Solar Labs is creating an AI-based SaaS solution for solar installers to optimize their sales and design process and equip the installers with a tool to estimate the true potential of any given rooftop.

The Solar Labs’ tool is being used by some of the largest solar installers in India. The government bodies are also benefited by the tool and they use our automated solar potential assessment tool to do large scale analysis to issue subsidies and schemes for the same.

We are an ambitious team with an outrageous vision: to make solar as commonplace as cars in India and mitigate climate change.

The world is under real threat from climate change. Solve climate change as a developer. Join us!