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Thesis is a landing page optimization company.



Evan Rutstein

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Currently the Head of Solutions Engineering at Thesis. I also Co-founded a company. I have experience with Product Management, Coding, and Analytics.

Gayle Schumacher

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Samantha Yeung

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UX/UI designer, marketing, problem solver, creative, strategy, public relations, team player, kind of funny, likes to ask deep meaningful questions

Briana Gude

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Nick Noble

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I'm a huge nerd. Head of Design @Thesis

Alex Kozhemiachenko

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Media Buyer at Thesis, Founder at AK ADS

Kahn Kim

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Optimization Lead @Thesis Former Acquisition Lead @Resonance Companies and Head of Performance @Social Fulcrum

Wesley Painter

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Lead Software Engineer. Building teams and cloud-native solutions. BA/MS Computer science.

Barry Hott

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Passionate digital and social marketing leader who grows brands through new media and data. I've been told that I'm "bursting with flavor."

JP Carey

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Worked at Thesis

Robin Pahlman

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Professional musician turned software developer.

James Cavalier

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Sales management leader & individual contributor with a proven history of success.

Olivia Asiala

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Digital Strategy

Jordan N. Finger

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Growth marketing strategist for venture funded, direct-to-consumer, e-commerce disruptor brands.
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SVP @GeistM | Strategy @GramercyLabs | Director @Popdust

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Kristen Cabrera

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Milan Sacher

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Zach Rotondo

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