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Monitor temperature at places that you care about



Willi Wu

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I make and ship successful apps used by millions.


Marcus Weyreuther

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Craftsmen and Engineering training in Germany; 10 years working experience in Denmark; Worked at B&O ICEpower; Designed advanced PCBs; Wrote a few iOS Apps;

Sarah Bay

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A builder of relationships and solver of problems

Board members and advisors

Visionary Punk, Founder of @HAX ; General Partner @SOSV. Some understanding of the hardware startup space (250+ investments). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.
Roaming Mentor @ SOSV since 2011. ex WalMartUK. Serial starter up. 20 years coaching great & small. Active at HAX, HAX Boost, FoodX, Chinaccelerator and more.

Min Hu

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UX designer with 7 years experience, leading web and mobile design at Yammer. Worked at SolutionSet, R/GA and Yammer/MSFT.
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