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Home physiotherapy marketplace

Home physiotherapy marketplace

Therapia delivers home physiotherapy, providing patients with treatment that is affordable and convenient. Patients simply indicate their area of injury and select an appointment date and time. Therapia then matches them to a local physiotherapist ideally suited to treat their specific condition. With therapists available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and with prices comparable or below those found in a clinic, we are quickly becoming the provider of choice for physiotherapy services. Therapia is proud to be the worlds’ first online marketplace that allows patients to connect with expert physiotherapists in the comfort of their own home.

Luca Fornoni

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Worked at Therapia Health Management (Toronto), Capital One (Toronto). Experience with Acquisitions, Automotive, Accounting. Rotman EMBA

Adam Brown

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Founder of Therapia Health Management Inc. Owner of Cornerstone Physiotherapy Physiotherapist

Joon Nah

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Co-founder of Therapia Health Management. Owner of Cornestone Physiotherapy. Certified Vestibular Physiotherapist.

Jas Chahal

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Founder of Therapia Health Management Sports Medicine Surgeon | Healthcare Innovation

General Manager

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