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Better jaundice treatment for infants

Better jaundice treatment for infants

SnugLit is a portable phototherapy garment that effectively treats jaundice while promoting normal care and handling of the infant. SnugLit’s technology meets the American Academy of Pediatrics Standards for high intensity phototherapy, as a device that is capable of effectively curing infant jaundice. Unlike current solutions, SnugLit is developed to be worn by the infant, facilitating closeness and allowing the caregiver to freely hold and bond with baby during treatment. SnugLit provides a unique solution to the limitations of current devices. Infants who are treated using SnugLit can be held and comforted, something not possible with conventional treatments. Infants using SnugLit can be carried freely without restriction of a powercord and fiber optic cables. SnugLit provides blue-light therapy on all sides of the infant’s body, instead of only the baby’s back. This eliminates the need for nurses to use 2 devices at once on one infant—also known as “double phototherapy”.
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