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Data Science for Marketplace Lending

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Theorem LP is an innovative, profitable investment fund that combines quantitative research, software engineering and rigorous scientific investigation to build credit portfolios that produce strong and consistent yields across business cycles. From Y Combinator's Winter 2014 batch, we've grown from $50k assets under management (AUM) to over $800 million AUM, from 2 co-founders to a team of 25. We're rapidly growing, and hiring!
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Research Engineer

What you bring to the table:

Professional experience in designing systems, and with numerical or scientific computing.
We value correctness, maintainability, elegance, and testability of code.


Portfolio Systems Engineer

Theorem (www.theoremlp.


Software Engineer, Infrastructure

What you'll do

Build and maintain Theorem’s continuous software delivery pipeline, empowering our research and engineering teams to land impactful changes more quickly and with greater confidence
Design and implement comprehensive system integration tests that exercise our software components e...