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Our mission is to build the world’s largest and most up to date knowledge base for medicine so that physicians everywhere will have the knowledge and confidence to deliver the best possible care to their patients. theMednet values are: Doctors first. Everything we do is to help doctors deliver high quality care. Any decision we make must start by asking whether we are helping doctors make better decisions for their patients. Have a can-do attitude. Having a can-do attitude means you are enthusiastic about being helpful. No work is below any member of the team. We all pitch in to get the work done. Suggest solutions instead of complaining. Be a team player, focused on the mission, not just yourself. Take ownership. Taking ownership means paying attention to detail and being responsible for the results of your work, not just the work itself. It means going outside of your comfort zone and realizing that you are capable of more than you thought. Develop your strategy, execute on it, iterate until you get the results that you want. Treat each other right. Treat your colleagues with respect, kindness, and integrity. Communicate respectfully with co-workers and managers instead of bottling things up. Help create the environment we can all thrive, grow, and succeed in- together.