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Product Analyst

$36k – $36k • No equity
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As a Product Analyst, you will assist the Product Managers, Data Scientists, Ui/Ux Designers and the Operations team build fantastic products that create high-impact to TheLorry’s revenue and profitability. Primary responsibilities include:

•Advocate for operations. Partner closely with Business Development, Operations, Partner Development and Customer Service teams to make sure their voices are heard in the product development cycle.

•Evaluate impact. Pore through product feedback to evaluate whether products and features are having the impact they were designed to have, solve the problems they were designed to solve, and whether messaging is resonating with users as intended.

•Influence the roadmap. Distil qualitative data into concise and impactful stories that represent the needs, desires, and pains of the user.

•Amplify the user’s voice. Continuously monitor for opportunities to bring new user voice channels online, leading the effort from initial idea through implementation, including integrating the new data source into the broader feedback pipeline.

•Understand opportunities deeply. When the data available isn’t enough to get the full picture, work cross-functionally with Business Development, Operations, Partner Development and Customer Service teams to build out the rest of the story and become an expert in user problems.

•Drive alignment and visibility. Act as the knowledge hub for your product area, perpetually informed and ready to answer questions on in-flight work, launches, and known issues for both product and operations teams. Facilitate communication between the other disciplines on your cross-functional team.

•Collaborate on product development. Actively participate in the design and development of product features, leveraging your deep expertise in your users’ needs and attitudes to guide ideas toward optimal solutions.

•Coordinate launches. Support Product Managers in aggregating the critical details for a given launch and ensure all necessary inputs are present to keep the launch machine running smoothly.

•Improve the practice. Thinking like a product manager, continuously examine current and past results to identify opportunities to improve the launch and feedback processes for everyone involved, including product teams, operations, and users. Routinely suspend what is and think in terms of what could or ought to be.

•Build trust. Become a thought leader and credible resource across the organisation through the high standards you hold for your work. Move beyond simply sharing anecdotes by quantifying your qualitative research, developing highly accurate analyses, and becoming a trusted advisor to your team

What You’ll Need
●Passion for TheLorry’s mission and the company’s intertwined technology/operations nature.
●Grittiness. You never hesitate to roll up your sleeves and tackle something hands-on, you persevere when others fall away.
●The ability to set a high bar for your team and empower them to achieve great results.
●You know how to leverage data to make decisions without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.
● User-centricity - examples from your past of product challenges that you powered through because you were unwilling to make your problems your users’ problems.
●A high bar across the board - from your own contributions to the people you work with to the products you work on.
●A never-ending desire to grow and learn.
●Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

To apply:
Email your CV to jobs@thelorry.com.