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Disrupting the hotel booking business

Disrupting the hotel booking business

VISION:  Crush "Bookipedia" (the Booking.com & Expedia duopoly that owns almost every travel site you know)

CORE PURPOSE: To enhance the personal connection in travel

STATUS: Strategic private equity funded company in growth mode that has reached profitability and controls its own destiny

CONTEXT:  Booking.com & Expedia made over $7B in EBITDA last year, almost all of which was from 15-25% commissions charged to hotels. These commission levels are much greater the value they create for those hotels, which is why Booking.com and Expedia are referred to as "frenemies" in the industry.

STRATEGY:  Provide guests financial incentives for booking direct with hotels and split the savings between the hotels and us.

* Teamwork & open communication across the organization
* Be authentic
* Reputation based on integrity, honesty, and service
* Strong sense of purpose

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Michael Chu

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CTO/Co-Founder of The Guestbook.

Dana Manacher

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Long time hotel executive that contracted over 3000 hotels. Negotiated exclusive FIT deals. Sold company to the Carlyle Group in 2014.

James Gancos

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CEO/Founder of The Guestbook. GM of 5 hotels in the US and Europe. Director of Ops for Starwood Hotels. MBA @Harvard Business School, B.S. @Duke University.