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Global Innovation and Acceleration Ecosystem

Global Innovation and Acceleration Ecosystem

The Vault is a full stack ecosystem for the intersection of corporate innovation and startup acceleration.

Startups, scaleups, investors, corporations, service providers and advisors need each other for growth. The Vault brings them together in the same ecosystem and provides the services they need to innovate, accelerate and scale.

The Vault has been operating for more than 4 years, steadily building a full stack innovation ecosystem from the ground up. Since launch, The Vault has helped > 150 companies scale. Member companies have raised > $1.5 billion in capital and more than 25,000 people participated in events, workshops and presentations at The Vault SF last year.

The company opened its first non-US location at the end of 2017 and is opening additional locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Vault Innovation Academy and Vault Innovation Services launched in 2018 to offer innovation and acceleration programs to corporations, investors and entrepreneurs on 6 continents.

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