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Frontend Developer Intern

₹10,000 – ₹30,000 • No equity
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We regularly create opportunities to 2x your career growth (and salary). In return, we ask you to only come on board if you are able to be 10x with your energy, resourcefulness, and hunger for growth.

Sounds like a place for you?

At the Vantage Project, we got intrigued with the blockchain space last year and since then have been hacking together products that push its adoption forward. We currently have a few frontend projects in our pipeline.

Ideal experience:
* 1+ years of shipping frontend applications.
* Working knowledge of and interest in UI design and/or data visualization.
* Skills in the following: react, d3.js, three.js, express.js, javascript (es6),

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Exploring Blockchain space. Previously at GoodEd Tech, CHILI Lab @epfl , Paytm, IDC - IIT Bombay, Berkman Klien Center - Harvard, @Mutiny Labs.

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