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Blockchain Researcher

₹6L – ₹10L • No equity
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We live in a trust deficit world and solving the problem of trust is going to be the next wave of value creation. At the Vantage Project, we got intrigued with the blockchain space last year and since then have been hacking together products that push its adoption forward.

Currently, we are contributing to the leading communities in the blockchain ecosystem and we are looking for a passionate expert in cryptographic assets who understands the technical details of emerging Web3 projects and can assist in the evaluation of new infrastructure innovations in the space.

Your role would require the following:
- Conducting in-depth research about a particular community needs. The process involves going through what the community does (whitepaper research), the current state of the community (reasoning through the emerging trends in the community and identifying non-obvious opportunities for contribution) and where the community is going.
- From research, coming up with proposals that The Vantage Project can submit to help the community.

- Good understanding of blockchains, consensus mechanisms, byzantine fault tolerance and attack scenarios.
- Sharp analytical abilities including identification of unconventional trends and emerging technologies.
- Ability to aggregate information from a variety of sources including technical repositories and anecdotal feedback from teams, then draw informed conclusions from incomplete information.
- Obsession with the future of blockchain technology, web3, and low-level protocol development
- An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity
- Technical experience is strongly preferred.
- Computer Science and Engineering students strongly preferred.

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