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HR Recruiter

₹3L – ₹10L • No equity
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We like:
1. Exponential growth
2. Small teams
3. Ability to see Vantage

And that is why:
We scout, develop and cut to ensure only 10x players in every position.

We do HR differently than others. Here is how:
1. We see onboarding each new member to their optimal version of themselves, as part of their recruitment. This is done in tandem with the current owner of that role.

2. We see HR as a critical function. The decision of each new open position and candidate is contributed to by everyone in that team. For us, getting each hiring right is valuable. That means that we never lower our standard irrespective of however long it takes.

To give you an idea of what we look for, look at our hello deck on this page:

Do not apply without reading it.

Being an HR recruiter here is an intense job. And it requires 3 key attributes:

1. The ability to see the truest self of people, outside of the clutter that they choose to offer to you.
2. Be data-driven and hence, data-accountable.
3. Be hungry to grow. We are different and you will be pushing your current limits every single day.

If you have gone through the deck on the jobs page above, keep in mind that it applies to you too. If you still want in, please continue and respond to the following questions:

1. What has been your best hire in a tech or marketing role? Data + context would be ideal.

2. In your opinion, what is it that makes an HR recruiter uniquely valuable?

3. An instance where you hacked a real-world system to your advantage.

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