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Revenue generation for the events industry (YC S15)


3 rounds
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Bob Lee

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Startup advisor and angel investor. CEO of Present Company. Former CTO of Square. Cash App creator.

Adam Ayers

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Customer and Product Obsessed Technical Leader. Investor. Wine Collector. Founder @Number5. Forbes Technology Council.

Eric Fuller

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A creative soul with a business mind, or so I would like to believe!

Jose Llorens

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Entrepreneur, Investor

Mike Krilivsky

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Mike Krilivsky made his first foray into the music business in 1998, when he started a record label to promote his nu-metal band, Intensify.

Steve Chen

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@PayPal, eBay, @Facebook, @YouTube, @Google, @Delicious (Part of Science). Tacolicious, Benu, Sightglass, Quince, Cotogna.
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