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The Things Network is building a global, open and decentralized IoT network

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There are only two reasons why you should want to work with us.

1. Because you think it is awesome we are building a global Internet of Things data network, for the users by the users.
2. Because this (github.com/TheThingsNetwork) will get you excited.

Furthermore you might like that we:

1. Like to go on workcations: thenextweb.com/entrepreneur/2016/09/26/moved-team-1500-miles-last-month-becam…
2. It is a freakin' playground of building new stuff. Working on a backend in Golang, a community platform in Django or embedded programming.
3. We have an awesome team
4. We have our office at Rockstart in the heart of Amsterdam together with >50 startups in one office.
5. We all work with a high level of autonomy. You are the boss of your piece.
6. Most of the work we do is open source, it is like working on your resume while getting paid.
7. Did we mention Amsterdam?

We are a group of smart people that learn fast. The vacancies below are just place holders. Experience is great. Learning fast is a necessity.
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Global marketing management internship

Posted 5 months ago

The Things Network is building a global, open and decentralized IoT network. We use the technology LoRaWAN which is a Low Power, Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) protocol. It enables wireless communication for IoT devices over large distances with minimal battery usage. Within the 4 years of...