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IoT Security Internship

€9k – €12k
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The Things Industries provides the last secure mile of the internet of things. As primary contributor to The Things Network stack and operator of the public community network and private networks, tens of thousands of developers rely on our infrastructure every day. The Things Network is a decentralized, scalable and highly robust LoRaWAN network.

Although LoRaWAN has builtin security mechanisms based on AES 128-bit, both on the network layer as well as the application layer, many solutions need additional security measures.

To add an additional layer of security, we working on asymmetric cryptography on top of LoRaWAN. We are bringing industry standards in security to the smallest connected devices that use the least power.

In your internship, you will use hardware secure modules (HSM) to keep keys secret, build a secure device commissioning procedure and integrate with IoT platforms.

Join us in making this network with a killer internship where you apply the latest technologies, become an expert in IoT security and apply best practices in networking, security and scalability.

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