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Digitizing the Wallet

Digitizing the Wallet

The Social Wallet is a social banking-app, a foundation, and a movement.

Q. Is the Social Wallet necessary?
Yes. You need a digital wallet to store digital money and digital identity.

Q. How is the organization structured?
The Social Wallet Foundation (SWF) is an Ontario registered Canadian not-for-profit.

Q. How does the app work?
It lets you store money and request/send money from your contacts.

Q. Do you need a bank account to use it?
No. At launch you need an iPhone, eventually just a connected device.

Q. Can Third parties develop apps for the wallet?
Yes. The wallet will have an app store. It will charge no fees. Developers can sell or list for free.

Q. Who are the people behind the social wallet?
We are social innovators building the second curve - explained at iftf.org/philanthropy

Q. What types of funding is the foundation seeking:
Donations, grants, and value adding resources.

Please contact kylejjkemper@gmail if you want to help.

Ageesen Sri

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Founder @ Blockchain | Financial | Technology | Print Companies. Obsessed with #Bitcoin #Blockchain #3D #Print #Robotics #AI #IoT #Fintech

Jack Cable

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I'm an iOS and web developer with experience in front end, back end, creating API's, and white hat hacker for over 50 companies, including Google and GitHub.
20 year veteran, currently tech lead of emerging technologies at Foxconn, previously lead teams for Citibank, Hawaiian Airlines, Wall Street Journal, more.
Social Innovator @ The Social Wallet | Executive Director @ Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

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