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We help families and small businesses face challenges

Social Media and Marketing Intern

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48-year old company specializes in marketing identity theft prevention and legal service plans. We are looking for an individual to post and promote on social media. Applicant will work remotely and possess knowledge of the digital media landscape including social media sites. Build audience, educate potential customers and collaborators.

• Post to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn
• Prospect for new customers, expand sales team, brainstorm ways to expand outreach, increase engagement
• Explore HR groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to attract new business
• Re-purpose, curate and create content from corporate websites
• Scan news content suitable for posting
• Proficient in planning, analyzing metrics
• Team environment; positive attitude
• Part-time, option to work remotely.

• Self-Starter, creative, independent, motivated
• Integrate with established, fast growing company
• Enthusiast for all things social media including business posts
• Organizational Skills; Time Management
• Computer and Tech Savvy, Canva or Hootsuite, MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Effective communicator able to talk with consumers / businesses; proper grammar, tone
• Able to work remotely minimum 12 hrs / week
• Compensation based on experience and performance. Room for growth and permanent hire.

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We help families and small businesses face challenges

The Smart Solutions Group focuses on Sales and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Direct Sales. Their company has offices in New York City and Connecticut. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.thesmartsolutionsgroup.com

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