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Healthcare Collaboration: TheRounds.com & QID.io

Healthcare Collaboration: TheRounds.com & QID.io

Starting in Canada with therounds.com, we’ve shown that better collaborative tools for physicians lead to better coordination of care, which leads to better health outcomes.

We recruit physicians fast: 20% of Canadian physicians on-boarded in the last 18 months.

We engage them early and often: 19% DAU; 69% MAU.

We have unlocked our business model: ~$600,000 booked in the last 3 months.

Our next stop was Canadian Medical Students, where we’ve replicated the product and the model (though it only took us 11 days to get 15% of the students on-boarded).

Now it’s time to take this tool into other healthcare verticals (think: pharmacists, nurses, etc.) as well as other geographies.

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