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Quantitative Quality of Life Data Instrument

Quantitative Quality of Life Data Instrument

Implementing strong database instruments collect qualitative data (i.e., stories) that can’t be captured in numbers. Having robust data analysis tools also helps you identify stories you didn’t know were there. Together, numbers and stories allow you to tell a detailed story about what you’re doing and why it is or isn’t working. The data can validate and add clarity and detail to your instincts and conventional practices. In turn, stories can help you to explore all that stuff you don’t know, identify new questions, and refine metrics and outcomes evidence.

Traditionally, the Medicine Wheel is meant to make sense of the world and bring order to it, without isolating or compartmentalizing our different understandings of it. It celebrates both the diversity and unity of our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional experiences. These four categories make up its four quadrants.

Using this to partner with providing peer support and mentoring. We intend to track the outcomes.
A tireless advocate for reentry support and mentoring since her release from prison in 2010 after three incarcerations.

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