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The Uber for International Delivery!

Full Stack Developer

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Job Description

Who We Are:

The Pelican Community is the Uber of international delivery. Through the Pelican Community, an overseas online shopper can now order from any country's e-commerce store even if they don't ship internationally, and get their items delivered to them in hours to few days compared to current international delivery time ranging from weeks to months.

We are achieving that by using the existing daily 22 million international passengers from each to every major city in the world, we use their remaining free luggage space to deliver items heading to the same destination.

The result? Passengers make up to $400 per flight while online shoppers get access to any country's e-commerce store and get their items delivered them cheaper and faster than ever!

Check us out at www.pelicancommunity.com

The Pelican Community is in pre-revenue stage, we will be running a second pilot in early March!

Basic Requirements:

Experience designing UI prototypes using Adobe XD, Photoshop, or other alternatives
Experience with a modern web stack e.g. MEAN/MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS/React, Node.js) any JS/Python-based web app stack (Django + Angular/React/Bootstrap), ASP.NET stack (WPF, .NET Core, LINQ, etc), or a Ruby on Rails stack
Experience with cross-platform mobile app development (React Native + Typescript, or Xamarin + C#/Mono), or native app development for either iOS (Objective-C/Swift) or Android (Java/Kotlin + Gradle).
Comfortable with git/source control

Bonus Requirements:
Experience integrating with AWS
Experience designing REST-ful APIs
Experience with AWS DevOps (Continuous integration and deployment, Kubernetes or Docker on Amazon ECS)
Experience applying machine learning models/TensorFlow.js

As a full-stack web developer at Pelican Community, you will get the opportunity to:

Design the foundational backend and frontend infrastructure for our web service
Design responsive and intuitive user interfaces for mobile and web
Collaborate with the existing team and advisory board, and effectively communicate with other team members
Iterate quickly, while keeping scalability and performance in mind

Hours: Approximately 20 hours per week

Compensation: We are an early stage startup and cannot pay salary. Team members get equity and will be paid once we have raised enough funds or revenue.

The Pelican Community at a glance

The Uber for International Delivery!

The Pelican Community focuses on E-Commerce, B2B Express Delivery, and Logistics / Transportation / Shipping. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://pelicancommunity.com

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