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We began in 1994 as a record label thinking like a marketing company thinking like a management company. Over time, we morphed into a Brand Proliferation/Audience Aggregation resource for brands and businesses in any industry or vertical. What makes us unique? While our core business is Strategic Social Marketing, because of our music entertainment DNA, we’re able to move seamlessly and effectively across markets and brand audiences in a number of disciplines. Our years in the entertainment space (many of them pre-internet-whoa!) give us a deep, rich perspective and broad experiential dataset from which to draw with respect to the foundational processes that are central to effective audience engagement, aggregation, proliferation, and retention. In the music business, if you have an audience, you have a career-in any business vertical, if you have an audience, you have market share. In our core business, we focus on creating differentiated awareness and authentic, targeted audience engagement which leads to conversion 
and fan retention. Across our various service capabilities, we're able to function at high levels in everything from Film/TV/Music content creation to comprehensive brand analysis/DNA mapping, and recalibration, and much, much more.
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VP/Client Acquisition

Posted 3 weeks ago

As Founder/CEO, I'm looking for the best, the brightest, the most creative and fearless client acquisition/biz dev team member I can find. What we need is a sales superhero with unwavering confidence in their ability to articulate value and close new clients in our core Strategic Social Marketing...