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Adventure travel content to commerce: marketplace platform

Senior React Developer

$75k – $90k
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The Outdoor Journal & Voyage is a startup on a mission to revolutionize adventure travel and help our users tell amazing stories.

We will accomplish our mission by crafting an innovative platform that brings together travelers, brand ambassadors, journalists, operators, content creators and other stakeholders in a cohesive, united, accessible and elegant application.

Since the dawn of time, it has been those who ventured beyond the confines of their own communities that have told the most captivating stories. Instead of an impersonal travel platform that merely pushes the latest offering and sends you on your way, The Outdoor Journal & Voyage understands adventure travel is about building sustainable bridges and deep connections which leverage the relationships of all participants to create an intimate, personal and relevant travel platform informed by journalism, sustainability and dialogue. We aim to unite a fractured market and be the online source for all adventure travel globally.

In order to achieve our mission, we are looking for a Senior React Developer to help mentor, code-review and provide guidance to our budding front-end JavaScript team, as well as contributing code themselves. The ideal candidate is an excellent communicator, code-reviewer, and is able to work proficiently in CSS and styling as well as in JavaScript. Robust state management, understanding of ES6 conventions, proper component composition, and the variety of tooling options in React, as well as popular packages and libraries such as React Router and Redux, should all be familiar to you. An eye for detail and precision on the CSS and styling side is also highly desired.

Together, let’s build the future UIs for adventure travel.

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