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Erika Kim

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Design oriented Content Manager at Noun Project. 3 years experience implementing policy for high volumes of globally crowdsourced content.

Ben Judson

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I make web applications. Software Engineer at @nounproject
Senior Software Engineer in @Los Angeles
CTO @ The Noun Project. Early contributor to Django. CocoaHead, musician and former linguistics student.
A generalist who loves all types of design and its execution. Formerly Design Director and Employee #1 at Noun Project. Design Engineer at Simple.Honest.Work.

Board members and advisors

Investor, Founder/CEO @Behance (now @Adobe Systems ) ; Author; Aspiring for a positive slope.
Experienced backend API Developer and architecture for complex and scalable services.

Scott VanDenPlas

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DevOps for Threadless. DevOps for Obama 2012. Founder of EL EL SEE LLC. Everyone's pal.
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Skye Selbiger

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