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A Non-Profit Organisation aimed at giving equal access to education for all

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The Muses is a non-profit organisation aimed at aggregating educational data and recourses, it was created as a single source of data for Cassandra and Cassie, two separate educational platforms, however The Muses’ data repository is open source and available to any non-profit organisations or not-for-profit projects. Although The Muses has the sole intention of providing educational data and resources, its affiliates are aimed at giving equal opportunity to education for all. Specifically, mitigating the socio-economic problems associated to economic barriers to education and creating more immersive forms of education through technology, collectively addressing and encompassing the full range from primary to tertiary education. The progression of technology has put us in a position to create educational resources that are available to anyone in the world . Developing countries have massive barriers to education, from a lack of resources to a lack of teachers. Our technology provides a solution to anyone who can find a connection to the internet. Even for those with access to education, the rising financial costs to access quality education creates unequal opportunity based on financial heritage, we are trying to change that. We believe equal access to education will lead to equal opportunity and a more fair society as a whole.
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Gatsby.js Developer

Posted 2 months ago

If you want to join a team that is trying to make the world a better place through technology then please let us know.

Please be aware that our position is a volunteer positions as we are a non-profit.


Chief Technology Officer

The Muses now has a large network of volunteer developers and is in need of a CTO or Senior Developer to manage the work that is being done by our developers and to ensure quality.

This position will mostly entail the management of our developers and the Pull Requests made to our repository and ...


Software Project Manager

Posted 8 months ago

We are looking for a volunteer Project Manager who is looking to grow their experience or contribute to a good cause.

The successful candidate needs to have experience with software development or managing software development teams.