Giving people a voice through documentary film

Social Media Intern

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The Missing City Stars - giving people a voice through documentary film!

We are a cultural, non-profit film association here in Barcelona. We work with small isolated communities within the city and help them make their very own documentary. We have a great team, and the projects and people we get involved with make all the hard work worth it!

We are looking for someone to come onboard and help spruce up our social media. You will be working with a creative director and project manager to create and capture content needed to help improve the company’s brand and install some consistency across media platforms.

Interns should be proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop as well as a passion for all things social media! If you have experience in design that would be a major plus!

Interns may be involved with writing clever copy (captions) for social media posts, across multiple platforms, Clipping key moments from workshops and film projects to promote on social media and creating other short-form video content for multi-use across platform.

What we really want is someone with ideas, creativity, ambition to grow and knows what they are doing!

So, let us know if you would like to join our family! Contact us with your CV and cover letter at info@themissingcitystars.com