Giving people a voice through documentary film


The Missing City Stars is a small group of documentary film makers with a huge mission: We give minority groups a voice by enabling them to make their very own documentaries – to become directors of their own story.

We see beauty where others see void.
We see hope, where others see failure.
We see beginnings, where others see end.
We have inspiration – have cameras.

We shine a light on the incredible richness of our city's social fabric and through the process we hope to inspire inter-community relations, dispel prejudice and bet all our horses on a positive social revolution.

We have seen the homes of the homeless, Roma teenagers battling to rise over the restrictions imposed by their culture, a local fight club providing sanctuary to hundreds of local kids. We have met people who are full of words and yet have no way to communicate, people with stories to share and yet no idea how, people who can enrich our world by telling their tales, but have never been given the chance to speak.

We are not quite finished yet. More stories are to be told.

You are awesome. The Future is ours.
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