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Your restaurant decider.

Your restaurant decider.

Your restaurant decider.

You know the trusted friends you turn to when you need a restaurant suggestion? That’s us. We aren’t “professional” food critics, meaning you won’t hear any pretentious foodie hobnob from us. We also aren’t restaurant industry insiders, nor do we accept invites, comped meals, or solicited reservations. Ever.

What we are is a website, newsletter, mobile app, and text message recommendation service started in 2009 by two guys who wanted to help their friends find not only great restaurants, but the right restaurant to suit their needs on a particular evening. That’s still what The Infatuation is built on today. We strive to make the restaurant guides and reviews that we write both entertaining and useful, so that you can find a spot that’s “Perfect For” whatever you need, be it some Action At The Bar, or a First/Early In The Game Date. The only difference is that these days there are few more of us on the team, and we have a whole lot more friends.

Chris Stang

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Co-Founder & CEO, The Infatuation. CEO, Zagat. Previously VP of Marketing at Atlantic Records.
Co-Founder of Immaculate Infatuation. VP of PR/Media at Warner Bros. Records.

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