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Do you want to experience what it feels like to wake up to tens of thousands of motivated learners whose lives are being impacted in a meaningful way? Make it in, and you'd become part of our talented team, helping to make a difference to over 150,000 working (and aspiring) nutrition professionals across the globe - plus all their clients, families and friends! We want to touch 5 million lives in 5 years - we're 2.2% on our way and actively tracking this. Our mission is to empower our learners with science-based, transformational knowledge so they can help others enjoy happier, healthier lives. We can get practical know-how in personalised nutrition, eating psychology, brain development, stress management, disease prevention and behaviour change to at least 0.07% of the world population. Help us make a dent in global health and wellbeing. Our unique culture makes THSA one of the most exciting places to work for today. With team members of different backgrounds and nationalities, everyone brings their own unique talents and diverse strengths to work. We are an Educational Technology company: - Our certifications are all developed in-house (we have our own research team) - We love building new products (we have over 100 and counting) - We even have our own SaaS platform where our graduates can invite their own clients. Do you want to make a difference, be part of the amazing journey we're on, and you think you have what it takes? Apply now.
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Affiliate / Sales Rep (Commission-only, remote/home-based)

We're looking for a Commission-only Affiliate or Sales Rep who can:

INTRODUCE new students from their own network
Joiner comes through your own community


CLOSE sales queries from customer services
Sales Rep
Joiner comes through us

Interested in earning $56,970 based on o...