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Fae Dagonese

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Jessica Rusin

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Experienced Technology Leader and Software Engineer

Nicole Faildo

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Elizabeth Weber

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Emily J. Henson

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I am a motivated individual who has a strong passion for education, social justice and for empowering under-served communities.
Social sciences student interested in intersection of public and private sector and use of technology for social good

Micah Leinbach

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Josh Scott

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Founder @Craftsy. Board Member @GuildEducation @Havenly @Betabrand @Artifact Uprising. Former @eBay and @Bain & Company. Michigan BBA 98, Haas MBA 05.

Moira Nolan

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Mason Miller

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Eric Doty

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Zoe Weintraub

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Haley Thomas

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Digital Marketing Manager @Guild Education , Management & Gender Studies @Bucknell University

Madeline Ford

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Software Developer @Guild Education | Harvard 2014 | Flatiron School 2015

Travis Haby

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Board members and advisors

Software Developer/Director of Engineering at QuadLearning, Inc

Dai Ellis

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Founder Spire and Kepler • Worked @McKinsey & Co, @Clinton Foundation • Studied at @Harvard University, @Yale Law School

Former team

Jenny Pflughoeft

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