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About us:

- We’re a mission-driven company with a proven business model & product vision that addresses a massive problem and market opportunity. It’s our goal to to support as many Guild members as possible and change the world along the way.
- We’ve recently closed our $2M seed round, and we’re eager to bring new members to our team who can help us keep up with our growth
- The investors & advisors backing us are world class - we hope you’ll have an opportunity to learn from them alongside us
- Our co-founders have 10 years experience and colleagues and collaborators, with deep expertise in the ed tech space, and a commitment to build a community and company where we all love to work

More on our mission:

The pathway to a stable career is changing in the U.S. & many young adults are struggling to navigate that path. We believe that everyone - not just the fortunate few - deserve a great start to their working lives.

Some context that motivates us:
- We see management roles as a pathway to the middle class. Of the approximately 6.5 million jobs added to the economy since the great recession, 1.2 million newly created jobs have been manager roles, earning $53,000 or more. Forget coding - management is the fastest growing job in the U.S.
- For today’s entry-level worker - the 30+ million working adults without a BA - a management role is nearly always the next step on the ladder.
- For these working adults, finding the path back to college to get more training is expensive, overwhelming, and often entirely unrelated to their current work, the next step in their career, and their long term goals.

Guild is paving a new path - providing great job training and degree programs for working adults. We offer affordable management training, and in partnership with top American universities, we also provide degree completion programs for our students. We help Guild members take the next step towards a meaningful career, with a community to support them along the way.

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