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Urban Farm and Market: Growing and selling at the same site

Urban Farm and Market: Growing and selling at the same site

The Farmery combines a market, cafe and indoor agricultural systems to form an urban food retailer offering locally grown food with the ideal mix of high margins of a cafe, high foot traffic of a grocery store and the immersive experience of a farm. At the Farmery, the consumer can witness and participate in the growth and harvest of crops and fish, creating an educational and stimulating food shopping experience.

The Farmery grows a portion of the produce and fish it sells, reducing the complexity and costs of locally sourced food by consolidating the entire food distribution system. Growing food in the store allows the Farmery to provide the freshest possible fare to the consumer.

Value of the product is raised through a more intriguing shopping experience and fresher product. Costs are lowered by reducing the current food system's 36% inventory loss to next to nothing by simplifying the journey the food travels from the farm to the customer.

Ben Greene

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Founder of the Farmery, an urban farm and market. Industrial designer @Vialink. Brand Manager @ Seizmik. Iraq Combat Veteran.

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