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Graduate - Mechanical/Aero Computational Design Engineer

£25k – £35k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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We're looking for Mechanical/Aerospace Engineers with programming ability to become Computational Design Engineers!

About us:

NASA 1999 - “The success of all future NASA missions will depend, in part, on the development of a new way of performing engineering design.”

The Engineering Company is building a new, radically faster and easier way to develop complex mechanical products. From rocket engines to wind turbines, designing industrial hardware is expensive, slow and difficult.

For the industry that should be pushing humanity forward, our tools and the way we develop is outdated. Designing complex hardware such as aeroplanes can take decades, with thousands of inventors being reduced to CAD and simulation executors, manually designing and implementing every element. This has led to fewer designs, fewer real inventors, less creativity, and has caused the entire industry to stagnate. The next 100 years are about pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating a new frontier for humanity, being able to design drones in hours, planes in weeks and whole cities in months. This will enable the new industrial revolution, with advanced robotics and electric cars, interplanetary travel… To be able to do this, we need to rethink how we do engineering, and learn from advances in other disciplines such as software, on how to build massively complex scalable systems.

We’re building the software abstraction layer for mechanical engineering. Our technology enables non-experts to design cutting-edge hardware, in hours, at a fundamentally more powerful complexity level. We believe it will one day power all industrial design and development globally. Our platform enables fast design and iteration speeds, along with translation of the engineering thought process in the design and efficient collaboration between engineers.

We are a team of software and mechanical engineers that have worked on the cutting edge of both industries at places including: Google, McLaren Automotive, Improbable, Imperial College, Barcelona Supercomputing Center and BP.

We have proven our technology in the space and consumer electronics industries and raised a multi-million-pound investment. Our investors include former C-level executives at Microsoft, UBS, Magic Pony Technologies, Entrepreneur First, SAP and over 15 more world-leading technologists, angel investors and deep tech VCs.

Your Mission:

We’re looking for a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer with good programming skills. You will be working as part of our in-house product development and you will push the limits of our technology. You will design different engineering products such as drones, robots, cars… from scratch, based on engineering principles. This is a critical role because it lays the foundation of how mechanical engineers will design these engineering products in the future. As an early hire, you will have a large amount of ownership and be deeply involved in productising and deploying our technology into high-profile companies.

- Strong Relevant Master's Degree.
-Great analytical skills
-Worked with and can critique multiple CAD and design paradigms.
- Are familiar with MATLAB, Python, Java or similar coding tool/language.
- Acutely understanding when and why to use certain tools. You should be comfortable choosing the most appropriate technologies to work with.
- Want to build technologies that matter. Your job is more than just a way of getting paid.
- Ability to build complex designs from engineering first-principles

Our Values:

As an early hire, you’ll not only be in a unique position to grow into a technical leadership position but also be directly responsible for developing the technology that will found the next era of hardware companies.


Early employee share options

25 days, flexible.

Onsite gym, climbing wall and go karting


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