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“The success of future of all NASA missions will depend, in part, on the development of a new way of performing engineering design.” – NASA 1999

The Engineering Company was founded under the belief that a future where everyone can develop cutting-edge industrial hardware will open up to new horizons in engineering.

We are a team of software and mechanical engineers that have worked on the cutting edge of both industries at places including: Autodesk, McLaren Automotive, Rolls Royce, Imperial College, Qinteiq and BP.

Our advisers are senior leaders at Royal Academy of Engineering and the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Our investors include former C-Level executives at Microsoft, UBS, Magic Pony (acquired by Twitter) and over 15 more world-leading angel investors and deep-tech VCs.

We have just closed a multi-million investment round and are ready to scale fast. We are in stealth mode and you won't find more information online. Whether you are a passionate university graduate or an experienced senior, let’s talk.
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