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Mobile Health Companion helps health professionals integrate data faster make better diagnoses

Fundraising Assistant (Health App / COVID-19 Related)

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About The Dolphin Project
The Dolphin Project is a technical solution provider that finds and architects solutions to the most complex enterprise problems in healthcare, oil and energy, and telecommunications industries. We possess in-house expertise in data science, data analytics, advanced data models, mathematical models for measurement equipments, signal processing, solution architecture, software design, cybersecurity, and risk management. And most importantly we know how to combine the skills to create innovative solutions.

The Dolphin Project was named our project after the most intelligent species on earth: Dolphins. The company was founded by Shaffiq Kotadia who was studying the topic of Intelligence along with a team of theoretical researchers back in 1984. In their pursuit of an algorithm for an Intelligent computer system, the group went back to the first principles and decided to understand the problem before trying to solve it. It took until 1994 before the team had their first eureka moment: they realized they had to approach the problem by trying to understand what Intelligence should be, not what it was known to be.

The team’s further research could only identify Dolphins as fully intelligent species - not apes and humans. Dolphins have a complex language; they have been known to help other species; they are observant and social; and they live in harmony with nature. Humans, on the other hand, turned out to be more viral than intelligent: they adapt readily and consume the host, grow, and ultimately destroy the very host that supports them.

The Dolphin Project will forever be here to support others.

About The Mobile Health Companion
Patients are already experiencing elevated health-related stress levels when they appear at their health appointments. As a result, they often fail to convey important, relevant or accurate information to healthcare providers. That causes health professionals difficulty in making diagnoses and leads to their over-reliance on medical diagnostic tools.

The Dolphin Mobile Health Companion (MHC) is a mobile app that helps diligent patients periodically collect their complete and unbiased health-related information and share them with their phyisicans remotely, promptly, and securely. The MHC’s screen displays a great wealth of health information on a mobile screen (beyond representations available on a physician’s desktop screen) in a simple, comprehensible format so that health professionals could view, compare, and integrate their patient’s most important health information. This helps health professionals spend less time collecting and interpreting data, and spend more time diagnosing patients, ultimately helping them make better and faster diagnoses.

The MHC is very relevant to the COVID-19 crisis in two ways:
1) Important appointments are being cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic as both patients and health staff try to protect themselves against being infected. The MHC could prevent cancellations of medical appointments by reducing the need for physical contact between patients and healthcare professionals.
2) During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mobile Health Companion helps health professional (such as a physician) track their patients’ COVID-19-related symptoms and assess their chances of being infected with the virus. This helps them take preventative measures such as assisting public health authorities prioritizing scarce COVID-19 testing resources such as hospital appointments and test-kits.

The Fund-raising Assistant would help The Dolphin Project raise $40,000 CAD, net (after legal fees) by the end of May 2020 for the Mobile Health Companion. The Mobile Health Companion is very relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic and is in an industry of high demand with real potential to solve problems created by this crisis.

The MHC app's design is completed and Dolphin is looking to raise funds to have it developed as soon as possible to make the largest health impact possible during a time of health crisis.

Upon raising funds, 15% of the funds raised will be paid back to the Fundraising Assitant as a bonus. This represents an earning of $6,000 or more for less than 6 weeks of work. If you help us raise and build strong investor relations, you could be hired as an investor relations manager and collect 15% of the money you raise going forward. After the second raise, depending on the amount we raise, you could receive an offer of with income up to $70,000 CAD per year.

The Dolphin Project at a glance

Mobile Health Companion helps health professionals integrate data faster make better diagnoses

The Dolphin Project focuses on Energy, Business Information Systems, Health Care Information Technology, and Risk Management. Their company has offices in Calgary. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://dolphin-project.com

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