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Mobile Health Companion helps health professionals integrate data faster make better diagnoses

Mobile Health Companion helps health professionals integrate data faster make better diagnoses

Patients are already experiencing elevated health-related stress levels when they appear at their health appointments. As a result, they often fail to convey important, relevant or accurate information to healthcare providers. That causes health professionals difficulty in making diagnoses and leads to their over-reliance on medical diagnostic tools. The Dolphin Mobile Health Companion (MHC) is a mobile app that helps diligent patients periodically collect their complete and unbiased health-related information and share them with their phyisicans remotely, promptly, and securely. The MHC’s screen displays a great wealth of health information on a mobile screen (beyond representations available on a physician’s desktop screen) in a simple, comprehensible format so that health professionals could view, compare, and integrate their patient’s most important health information. This helps health professionals spend less time collecting and interpreting data, and spend more time diagnosing patients, ultimately helping them make better and faster diagnoses. The MHC is very relevant to the COVID-19 crisis in two ways: 1) Important appointments are being cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic as both patients and health staff try to protect themselves against being infected. The MHC could prevent cancellations of medical appointments by reducing the need for physical contact between patients and healthcare professionals. 2) During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mobile Health Companion helps health professional (such as a physician) track their patients’ COVID-19-related symptoms and assess their chances of being infected with the virus. This helps them take preventative measures such as assisting public health authorities prioritizing scarce COVID-19 testing resources such as hospital appointments and test kits.

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