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Who are we?
The Creative Square is a start-up generator based in Singapore, on a mission to conceptualise, validate, and build interesting businesses. Unlike other accelerators and incubators, we do not hire based on your ideas, nor are we tightly bound to the tech industry. While our entrepreneurs are expected to conceptualise a wide variety of ideas in-house, only a fraction of the ideas will be brought forward to the testing stage based on market feasibility and potential. Our goal is to validate and rapidly prototype multiple MVPs in the market with a limited budget, so successful business tests can be brought to life with further funding and bigger teams.

In case this job description does not appeal to you but you know of somebody who would fit this role, please email to hr@creativesquarecompany.com. We will pay SGD 5,000 should we hire your recommended contact.

The role:
An established entrepreneur seeks an independent, driven, resourceful, and energetic individual to perform a key supporting role in managing a small team of 3-4 members to further develop his entrepreneurial vision into successful businesses. As we are a start-up company, the structure and process are still evolving. This individual needs to be excited to help build the structure and have the expertise and proven track record of having worked with multiple projects and experience building and managing a team.

This role will be responsible for day-to-day activities and guidance of team members. This person needs to ensure that all members understand the company’s objectives and goals and collaborate together to achieve it. The goal conveyed to team members has to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. The role encompasses project management, building and team management, elements of hiring team members, research and experimenting on a variety of projects and other high-level executive support.

The individual who is selected for this role will be given a high degree of autonomy in decision making and bring varied aspects of business experimentation to successful implementation.

The company owner places a strong emphasis on the values of the company. The profile of the successful candidate whose values are aligned with the owner will be key to success in the selection process. To help ensure this complementary fit and alignment of values, selected candidates will be asked to complete a number of psychometric tests, a video interview, a panel interview and also provide extensive references indicating previous success of leading a team. All candidates taking the psychometric evaluations will be provided with their own copies.

This full-time role is Singapore-based. Flexibility regarding working location within Singapore is offered depending on project requirements, however time in the business district office is also expected.

- Minimum of 8 years working experience with 6 years demonstrable
project management and management of a team of five or more
- Leading and motivating diverse teams to achieve successful outcomes
naturally energises you
- Motivated to understand and support team members in order to facilitate
strong teamwork and collaboration
- Competency in managing and executing a variety of projects
- Excellent communication, presentation and problem solving skills
- Driven and result oriented
- Capacity to deliver against multiple project objectives
- Ability to take initiative and work with limited direction
- For candidates who come through to the final stages of the process you will then be required to provide three written references, with at least one coming from a team you have managed

If you have what it takes to be successful in this role, we welcome you to send your resume to hr@creativesquarecompany.com

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In-House Entrepreneur

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