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Our team has been behind the rise of many of today's top social media stars.

Collectively, we've driven over 5 billion social views. We've created influencers from 0 to 3M+ Instagram followers and 17M+ Facebook likes. We're the team behind the latest PR stunts, trends & topics that inspire BuzzFeed.

Our culture is as free and as open as you'd like it to be. We all work best according to our individual personalities. Some of us like to play EDM from 10 am without speakers, some people want treasure silence, some are morning people, some are highly productive vampires.

We work around and with your preferences after you've worked with the team, proven your commitment and are comfortable enough with what you're doing to be fully autonomous.

We also have a French bulldog as our mascot!
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Sales and Marketing Intern


Model Connect is one of the leading Social Media growth agencies in the industry. It is part of the The Connect Collective established by James Shamsi.