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Organizing humanity’s knowledge

Full-Stack Developer

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We are building The Brane out of optimism for the future of our planet, which faces unprecedented existential challenges. With access to technologies that threaten the stability of Earth's system, humanity needs better access to knowledge and wisdom to begin coming together as a species and solving the great problems we face. The Brane aims to co-create a collaborative knowledge graph where shared wisdom might be harnessed in ways never before seen to foster a liveable earth and an inclusive society. We believe our platform will help us to learn, grow, share and thrive in ways that restore and preserve our humanity.

To make our vision a reality, we need someone like you, a Full Stack developer, to build, manage, and take ownership of multidisciplinary knowledge graphs. The role's responsibilities include:


  • Strong knowledge of ReactJS/Redux

  • Strong knowledge of Node.js (v8+)

  • Understanding of isomorphic applications

  • PostCSS

  • Clear understanding of tools like Webpack

  • Experience with ArangoDB or neo4j/MongoDB is required

  • Experience with REST, Hateoas, Docker is required

  • Experience with AdonisJS is a strong asset

  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker swarm is a strong asset

  • Good understanding of Babel and Gulp


Equity and salary offered based on performance

Hires remotely
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
3+ years
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Organizing humanity’s knowledge

The Brane focuses on Knowledge Management, Technology, Web Platform, and Science. Their company has offices in Montreal. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://thebrane.com/

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