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We are building The Brane out of our love for knowledge and our optimism for the future of our planet. Our future is under threat. We must solve these problems and mend these divisions together. The Brane aims to co-create a collaborative knowledge graph where shared wisdom might be harnessed in ways never before seen to fight for a liveable earth and an inclusive society. We trust our technology will help us to learn, grow, share and thrive in ways that make us more human.

To make our vision a reality, we need someone like you, a senior data scientist and/or senior ETL pipeline engineer with the drive to be our Chief Data Officer and successfully lead our data science team.


- Developing an end-to-end data strategy and roadmap, spanning from ontology design to data sourcing, processing, data integration, management and usage for the company and for all of The Brane’s stakeholders

- Lead development and implementation of NLP algorithms of concept extraction, clustering and auto-classification algorithm for processing unstructured text documents.

- Managing a team of dedicated data scientists at The Brane

- Creating strategic data access policies for internal and external constituents

- Driving data governance for the enterprise

- Ensuring a global approach to data as a strategic asset for The Brane over a long-term horizon

- Developing strategic initiatives using data to drive growth and efficiency.

- Ensuring the data gathered meets the highest standards of integrity and quality

- Working in close partnership with key partners and the development team.

-Manage and develop new data science services for all The Brane stakeholders


- Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Computer Science or other quantitative disciplines - PhD or higher academic proficiency

- Deep understanding of ontology and scientific and business processes to develop ETL pipelines in line with the functionality of the platform

- Strong knowledge of Python and R is required

- Strong knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (NLP) is required

- Experience implementing big data analytics best practices is an asset

- Experience with NoSQL, ArangoDB or other graph databases is an asset

Professional written and spoken communication skills in English


-90k-120k CAD in total compensation and equity

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