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Organizing humanity’s knowledge

Organizing humanity’s knowledge

We organise all of humanity’s knowledge, and make it accessible to everyone with an intuitive, powerful and beautiful user interface. The Brane open graph visually connects all entities and processes in the universe to all sciences, organisations and people, allowing users to explore humanity’s knowledge in a visual, semantic space. Our premium service allows any individual or organisation to generate insights from their data and make better decisions faster, by easily building and browsing private visual knowledge graphs. Use The Brane to organise your own information, connect the dots and generate knowledge faster than ever before. With The Brane, you can dissolve organisation silos, generate insights from your data and build a sustainable competitive edge by making informed decisions based on rich contextual information much faster. Go from the Information Age to the Knowledge Age. Structure your data, make better decisions, become AI ready.

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Data Scientist, NLP+AI

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Ph.D. candidate in Innovation mangement & B.Eng @polymtl; Management diploma @Mc Gill; Product manager; UX/UI designer; Business analyst, Brand Strategist
Co-founder @The Brane; B.Eng @Concordia University; Management @McGill University; Int'l Bizdev 5yrs; Science comm (medium.com/firesinourminds)