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The most advanced resume analytics on the planet

The most advanced resume analytics on the planet

Textnomics™ is an AI driven company, using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and data mining to make recruiting faster, cheaper and error-free.
Its product, ResumeSort™, is the most advanced resume analytics and sorting product, and has been benchmarked at 96% ranking accuracy. ResumeSort uses NLP to look for the “meaning” of phrases including related skills and certifications. The system learns and even suggests phrases that are not in the job posting. ResumeSort handles all grammatical variations, and understands dates and durations. The system is collaborative and generates a report for each candidate, ResumeSort Report™ (RSR™), that eliminates interview failures (currently 66%). RSR is becoming de facto standard requested for thorough candidate evaluation by our users.
Driven by the belief that individuals deserve the best career path and companies should have access to the most qualified candidates, Textnomics mutually benefits job seekers & employers.

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CEO and founder of @Textnomics Inc. MBA and PhD in Computer Science. Seven years as a research scientist at NASA AmesResearch Center.