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Multi-strategy cryptoasset hedge fund

Multi-strategy cryptoasset hedge fund

Tetras Capital is a New York City based hedge fund focused on the emerging and rapidly evolving blockchain and crypto asset class.

The Tetras team actively manages a diverse portfolio of crypto assets with an interest in strong teams, infrastructure layer projects, fundamental token value, and exclusive early stage deals. Rather than a focus or mandate on one specific sector or stage of the blockchain ecosystem, Tetras operates a flexible fund strategy, vetting opportunities across established, liquid markets as well as idea stage deals. The investment and decision making process leverages the full Tetras team, from the founding partners’ experience in investment banking and portfolio management to the technical advisors’ industry expertise.

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Duke University Engineering and Economics; Investment Banking Deutsche Bank; Helped build CampusEnterprises.org; Founding Partner of Tetras Capital

Alex Sunnarborg

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Founding Partner @Tetras Capital. Previously, Research Analyst @CoinDesk, Founder @Lawnmower, Investment Banking @Raymond James Financial.
Founding Partner Tetras Capital | Formerly @Brainchild & Co. & @Goldman Sachs | @Duke University 2015